Sunday, March 23, 2014

you know it's bad when ...

… your co-workers (you know, your non-crafty friends) even make comments on the project you're currently working on, after realizing they haven't seen ____ or ____ or a finished _____.


oh … what do THEY know?!

here's my clapotis … i'm on my second ball of yarn. this has become my latest "mindless" project.

it's very easy. and it's going to be a wonderful summertime stole =)

i haven't abandoned my other projects, it's just that each project fits a mood or time. and they're MY projects, to amuse me. not guilt.

here's funny note. my crochet shawl has been renamed "xanadu" by one of my co-workers. and my golden tee has been named "sunny" … which, by the way, has an almost completed back!

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