Tuesday, December 30, 2014

my favorite sweater

i finished my sweater a couple of weeks ago, and have been wearing it non-stop since.

i'm definitely going to have to make another! i'll have to decide if i want to make another in wool or a summer blend.


i still have a nice bit leftover too ~ about 60 grams ~ so maybe about 140 yards?

the pattern is beeline, and the yarn i picked up at SAFF.


when i was trying to decide which color at SAFF 

… as you can see, i ended up going with the greenish one to my right. all the colors were fantastic! i hope this vendor returns to SAFF next year.

Black Sheep Farm
Suzie Lowe
4954 Andy Williams
(828) 391-4578


Rainy Daisy said...

So beautiful! I love it!

elns said...

I love this sweater! It fits you perfectly as well. Alas, I do not think it will work for my "overflow" area, but it's so pretty, I might have to knit it one day anyway. Your beautiful yarn selection is really another reason it's so wonderful.