Monday, December 08, 2014

sunday delivery

i'd forgotten that the usps is doing sunday deliveries during the holiday season.

i had placed an online order to knitpicks during their cyber-monday sale. my original delivery date was not to be until this coming wednesday, but early sunday afternoon, and friend sent me a message that my yarn had arrived!


it was delivered in a box, and was tossed into a plastic bag.

all was intact, no leaks, tears, slashes, etc. i won't complain about the packing because the yarn was so inexpensive and i'm happy that it shipped so quickly.

besides, had there been any issues, knitpicks has wonderful customer service!

the yarn i was looking forward to the most is the hawthorne sock yarn. it's hand painted, and was on sale for $5.50/hank.

in the top photo, are all my singles. in the bottom photo, 4 hanks to knit juniper.

i like most of the colors, and even love a few of them. however, i won't be keeping them all. at least 2 of them will be given away, and the others will either be knitted up or used in a swap.

this is the curio, a thread weight cotton.

i got 2 colors --- the top is mongoose (brown), and the bottom is navy (blue).

it has amazing yardage (each 100 gram ball is 721 yards). it was on sale for $2/ball. the mongoose is going to be used to knit imagine when. i will hold the thread double stranded.

the navy will likely be used for a garment, whether crochet single stranded or knitted double stranded.

the lindy chain is a fingering weight chainette yarn. it's a summer blend of linen and cotton. it was on sale for $2/25/ball.

i plan on doing a short sleeved or sleeveless summer top.

and lastly, some of the fabulous knitpicks palette!

the colors i purchased were on sale for $1.75/ball.

i plan on doing a pullover with various colors including some other more neutral shades of palette in my stash.

did i mention i'm going cold sheep in 2015?!



elns said...

I'm definitely jealous of that beautiful yarn. I admit the last purchase from knitpicks I had to sneak in a hank of hawthorne to try out for socks. It will probably be a while till I cast them on, but I love the colorway.

Your cyber Monday haul, is impressive!

Sue said...

I always thought that Knitpicks didnt ship to Australia. It would be lovely if they did. What gorgeous yarns you bought!