Friday, January 20, 2006

fell in love

i can be really easy when it comes to yarn. one of my friends likes to tease me with words such as fragile or vulnerable. well, i was vulnerable today all right! my LYS is having a vittadini trunk show, and i tried on this number today! it's knitted with paloma. the design is from the fall 2005 vittadini book, and the size sm/med only takes 12 balls of yarn. it was light, soft, and not too warm. i need to make this! ps, it's called the *yoga wrap*.

i also treated myself to a circular needle case made by offhand designs. i'm using it to keep all my addi turbos that santa gave me for christmas. i'm a new addi convert. i strayed away from them in the past because of their expense, but, there's nothing like uncoiling a circular needle and having the cable not twist and curl on you!

my best treat of the day was pinky coming to visit with her unopened package from blue moon fiber arts. she ordered two hanks of Socks that Rock, and shared the moment of opening the package with me, as i don't have any of this beautiful handpaint superwash merino. this is yarn we only read about on the net unless we or someone we know orders it and brings it to our reality. isn't she the greatest?!

in other knitting news, i am about half way through my last strip of the jo sharp throw !!!! i also cast on and knitted about 15 links of marley's ghost scarf. after the knitting is finished, it gets fulled. i'd like to gift this scarf to my 14 yr. old niece, but, if she's not as excited about it as i am, i will keep it.

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