Saturday, January 28, 2006

confessions of a pseudo yarn-ho

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i have a certain weakness. i also have a certain sense of obligation. i should had known better though. "oh, i can go there and not get anything!" no i can't. no i didn't. i went to bella filati today. i had fun with my knitty girls. we all left there with a lovely shopping bag. mine was the biggest. oops. i'm going to make this. i saw it when my LYS had a rowan trunk show. i did not try on the sweater, as the size was teeny. and when i went down to bella filati today, and they had the yarn, all the yarn for the project, i just caved. yes, i know, i am weak. but, i will be a pretty weakling, dressed up in rowan kidsilk haze and 4ply soft! ps, the pullover is called "lucy" and is from rowan magazine #38.

three strips sewn

this is what three strips of my throw look like sewn together. i'm beginning to think it's going to take as long to finish the throw as it did to knit it! seaming is mindless work, but then the mind wanders and thinks about casting on with fresh yarn. i cast on with fresh yarn yesterday. i'm making a pair of valentine socks. i will take a picture later when i really have something to show. oooh, look at those lovely flecks of tweed. i'm a sucker for tweed.

sparkle ribbon

i'm also a sucker for a bit of sparkle. i actually finished knitting the louisa harding handbag, but, do not have handles for it yet. if i cannot find the handles locally, i will have to order online and wait for shipment. i did find a source for ordering the handles though ... UMX. the knitting was very straight forward and fast. now, i'm knitting flowers to embellish it with. the flowers will each have a pinback sewn to them so they can be easily removed or repositioned. i took this picture because i loved how the ribbon yarn looks when wound with a ballwinder.

got what?

i could not leave bella filati without this t-shirt. it's by knitiot. i have another one with a martini glass on it, and have enjoyed wearing it so much, that i had to get this one too! it's knitted with a tiny 1x1 rib, so it has a lot of stretch to it. though, buyer beware, these teeny t's do run on the small size. expect to go up one size when purchasing.

in other news, my mom has been crocheting another monkey girl! this one will be for indian grandma, and will not be dressed as mine. each night, as mom has been crocheting away on some sturdy and tight yarn, she has updated me on her progress. and then, she sent some pictures.

monkey parts smeagle monkey

yes, that's smeagle's head. she had not crocheted the monkey head yet. this is what happens late at night.


dkdivine said...

Well, I'm glad you li'l yarn 'hos had a good time in So Pi! But I don't remember you loving that Rowan sweater so much when it passed thru GY...Of course that 4-year-old sizing they favor is such a downer.Your Mom is a trip-- I love the Smeagol picture. And on a completely unrelated note, do have a copy of Rebecca #27 I could borrow? :p

Terhi said...

Oooh... I love Lucy too! :-D Nice that you are knitting it, I will be watching! That throw is looking really gorgeous.

painter girl said...

Hey Miss Thing,
Love the throw and the new yarn. Can't wait to see them both finished.
You Rock.

pinky said...

Yay for my girlfriend! She knits so pretty. I still haven't made it down to Bella Filati yet; if I get the job I interviewed for then maybe I will make a celebratory jaunt.

That Louisa Harding yarn is simply delish. I look forward to seeing the finished product.