Sunday, January 01, 2006

monkey love

this was my best gift of the year. my mom crocheted me a monkey! isn't she cute? she followed (mostly) the instructions from this leisure arts booklet. i tacked the little shoes with some sewing thread, and there's a stitch marker holding the hat to her head.

a very sweet friend gifted to me 3 balls of kidsilk spray. of course, i wanted more, and bought 2 more balls. i want to knit this with it. it should only take 4 balls of the yarn, but it's always a good idea to have one extra. i'm almost finished knitting my mohair boucle wrappy wrap, which does not photograph well. i am also half way through knitting the strips of my jo sharp throw. (and, i think i'm going to run out of yarn of one of the colors on that one. oops.)

there's plenty more to show-n-tell, but i'm tired, it's late, and i want to go read in bed. ps pinky, i'm not reading smut!


Siri said...

NO WAY! Your mom is super cool! Now we know where you got your craftiness.

pinky said...

Hey girl! I have that stole pattern if you want it... I don't think I'll ever use it.

I hope you are enjoying your socks. I bet you thought I'd never give them to you!

Saun said...

The monkey is so cute. Kudos to your mom.