Sunday, January 22, 2006

i didn't knit fast enough

the photo i've been waiting for. see! i did run out of the ash gray yarn, almost halfway through my bindoff. i paused. what to do? um, switch to one of the other colors and finish binding off. i had contemplated for weeks about what i would do if i ran out of yarn. i thought if i had to order an extra ball, that i would order some other yarn for some other project, just because of the shipping. you know how it is, spend $100 to save $5. this is not the end of it though, because now i have to sew the eight strips together, then, there's more knitting ... the border (which, is another opportunity to run out of yarn).

special notes: i have little leftovers of the three remaining colors. the ash gray felt a bit chunkier, thus, the shorter yardage.

here's the real deal, the circular needle case i bought for my addi turbos. the more i look at offhand design's knitting bags, the more i want one.

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DK said...

Yum, their things are all soooo gorgeous. Maybe we'll be getting some soon!