Tuesday, January 24, 2006

strayed knitter

i couldn't help myself. the thought of staying on task, and sewing up seam after seam, seemed ... boring! what to do? cast on! i plan on going to the maryland sheep & wool festival in may. but, before i can buy more yarn there, i need to knit up some of my vermont yarn. first project from the october stash enhancement, a louisa harding purse. i bought the yarn at northeast fiber arts in williston, vt. the bag is knitted flat and seamed, and i could change it to circular knitting, but that kinda defeats the purpose of just casting on and knitting. i don't really want to think that much.

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Very-Devil Kitty said...

Yes, I am NOT allowed to buy anything in MD unless I knit up at least one teeny-tiny skein of something--anything!- from VT. Over my dead body, I swear to god ...thunder bolt.... :p