Monday, October 30, 2006

almost halloween, and i'm home visiting with mom. i showed her the super duper hank of wool that i got at rhinebeck and she has claimed it as hers. i also showed her my toxic yellow sock and she said, "gag!". .... gotta love mom !

it took awhile to load the picture, because it had trouble squeezing through the tubes on the internets. god bless america!


Brenda said...

heh - that is a crazy photo! creeeeeeepy. do you have an email address folks can reply to when you comment on their blogs? i love that you visit so often, but feel bad that i can't reply directly when you comment... add to that the fact that i'm a shy commenter myself most of the time, but do amazingly well at emails!! drop me note if so :)

Mouse said...


Alisha said...

I agree creepy!

I do cute Halloween...scary Halloween freaks me out LOL

aquaknits said...

Yeah, that pic freaked me out a bit too.

And I love that yellow sock! :)