Tuesday, October 31, 2006

soctoberfest is coming to an end, but my sock knitting will continue ... especially since i have a bunch of singles waiting for mates! this is my latest single sock ... the embossed leaves socks from winter 2005 of interweave knits. mine is knitted with koigu and size 2 dpns. i think i could had knitted it more successfully on size 1 1/2's or taken out some of the purl stitches between the leaf motifs. will i rip and reknit? nah ... i'll even make the mate just as loosey-goosey!

and i couldn't resist another tree shot ... as pretty soon there won't be any of the colorful foliage around for another year!

i finished my central park hoodie intime to wear to new york for sheep & wool. i sewed on the button and knitted the i-cord loop on the train on the way up there. i thought i didn't want buttons and buttonholes. but, now i do. so, as soon as i find some good buttons, i'm going to rip out my ribbing about 1/2 way to reknit with the buttonholes. i should had known this was coming, because i didn't feel commited enough to the button & loop to weave in the ends there.

... and another sock in progress ...

devil kitty !



meg said...

love the sock and that tree shot is gorgeous.

i can't wait to see a full shot of your sock in progress. those colors are so fab!

happy halloween!

aquaknits said...

My embossed leaves were loosey goosey too, I think a smaller needle would definitely do the trick. You know the solution, gonna have to knit another pair! :)