Tuesday, October 03, 2006

now i have to make the decision i've been avoiding ... because i've finished these!

... funny how procrastination behavior can manifest itself as a finished pair of socks !

and, i'm leaning heavily towards anna.


amanda cathleen said...

HOLY CRAP! WOW that was fast! They look so yummy : )

gray la gran said...

oh! oh!
the first sock was partially knitted weeks ago ... so i only had to finish it and make the mate. so, it wasn't really that fast!

jackie said...

it's still fast! and they are very cute as always. my sock has one little row--guess what i am going to do this weekend? :) i vote yes for anna, by the way. you need some anna for the fall.

aquaknits said...

I agree, pretty fast knitting, let all us second sock syndrome people turn green with envy. :)

I hope you decide to knit those socks, I'd love to see them!

pinky said...

Hey, if you want to put off decisions, I hear that closet-organizing and bed-cleaning-out-from-under are both good as delay tactics. I understand the situation you are in, and wish you peace and strength in the face of adversity.