Thursday, January 04, 2007

crochet me!

i picked this book up yesterday at the regulator in durham.

i was hanging out with a certain agent aubergine. we had a knitty kind of day, and we both love crochet. once she showed this book to me, she enabled me by driving me to the bookstore, where she knew there was just one more copy !

it's filled with great designs, and great reading too. i was sitting in bed this morning reading about the author, doris chan, and the history of her mother and needlework, but had to put it down ... 'cause i knew if i didn't, i'd spend the rest of the morning in bed with the book.

the garments are crocheted with a wide range of yarns, from shiny label designers to craft store inventory. i think there's also a lot of leeway in fit and gauge, with the loose and open crochet, and drape.


painter girl said...

I want that skirt.
I may have to buy this book too. Because of you I have spent the last 30 mins looking up books on Amazon. Shame on me. Im supposed to be slaving over the wheel right now.

anne said...

i love that skirt too . . . i would pick up a crochet hook to make that . . . . but, i bet i could knit it too—don't you think?
i ike the photography a LOT.