Monday, January 01, 2007

which holiday is this?

it's beginning to look like valentine's day i think! this is the other colorway of peaches & creme i picked up in shelby over the christmas holiday. i went to a new year's shindig and enjoyed my fill of black-eyed peas and collard greens, and the company of mary of sculpted yarns. i had met her informally the week before at the lys, while she was shopping with a friend visiting from england. we enjoyed part of the first day of the new year, me ... working on something mindless as a dishcloth, and her knitting away ... on something way more complicated, two socks toe up on two circs!


amanda cathleen said...

Great warshcloth! It is beginning to look like v-day... Hope you have a great new year girl, and enjoy your new year's feast!

Mtwelovett said...

Hi, You finished it! It is kind of Valentine's day festive. My socks will take longer to finish though. (Hopefully before summer arrives)

I enjoyed meeting you officially too, and yes, you figured out my favorite colorways. (but it makes putting stash yarn together easier. ;) )

Happy Knitting.

Rebecca said...

i love this colorway! another thing i'll have to look for, too.