Tuesday, January 09, 2007


one down, one to go ... i promise i won't leave this one an orphan!

and i sort of joined a KAL today. it's called socktopia. i didn't get enough sock knitting done during socktoberfest, and didn't get any sock knitting done during the holiday season. this KAL is a little different, as it's conceptual. each month, there will be a few themes to choose from.

lolly and maritza are sponsoring a very informal little KAL for knitting green socks ... and everyone knows i'm a sucker for a good button!

... and green is my favorite color!

pssst! ps. agent aubergine has started her own blog !


amanda cathleen said...

just looking at your finished sock makes me smile! love the colors

Karen said...

No! SCARLET is your favorite.

Marsha said...

I love the trekking yarn you are using. I've never knitted socks, but it's on my 07 list of things to try. Right up there with Lace! (I was told by my yarn store helper NOT to try lace just yet!)

Your red and white dishcloth is great! I love that pattern and I like the way you fade into the red color!

el gato diablo said...

Waaa! I can't leave a devilishly kitty comment on agent aubergine's blog! Tell her how to fix it :P

agent aubergine said...

Devil Kitty! I've fixed the problem! Please comment! I love comments