Tuesday, January 30, 2007

when all else fails, knit on flicca. i have finished the backside, and just started the front last night. the good thing about having the backside done, is i can just knit knit knit on the front and not have to think too (famous last words?) much about if it's long enough, as i'm just knitting it to match the back.

but, who am i to only work on one project at a time?

i have made nice progress on my embossed leaves sock(s). the yarn is by liisu, and is a wool and mohair mix, fingering wt. it leaves my skin and needles black, and digs a trench into the top of my index finger ... so i wear a bandaid while knitting with it. it's really pretty, though!

... and i knitted on a lizard ridge square yesterday, while doing laundry, and i sorta kinda started another sweater ... more on that later.


mraow! said...

Hmmm, good thing the Liisu is soooooo pretty; between the bandaid and the dyed fingers, it almost sounds like Devil yarn! ;)

Ava said...

The liisu is beautiful. I was going to surf over and buy some until I read that it bleeds. There must be some pre-knitting remedy for this.

Lisa said...

What other sweater!?!

aquaknits said...

The things we do for knitting, lol. The lace pattern looks just beautiful in that pic.

Another sweater, glad to see I'm not the only one sweater-hopping this season. :)