Wednesday, January 31, 2007

pink lace !

i mentioned yesterday that i had sorta started another sweater ... and here she is (above)! this is enva from jaeger's magazine number four (pictured to the right). this knitting magazine has been in my stash since 2001, though i had purchased the magazine for one of the other designs in the book (which i never knitted! big surprise?). the above design, enva is pictured on the back cover, and i fell in love again ....

and my lys stocks the yarn called for, and i like the yarn called for (jaeger matchmaker merino 4ply) ... and there was just enough in shade 747 bloom ... sounds like knitterly fate. this is not the color pictured in jaeger's magazine, neither is the color correct in my picture, but ... it's a really nice pink!

the swatch above is from the best lace book ever !, ... susanna lewis's knitting lace: a workshop with patterns and projects. i bought this book years ago, because it also had information in it on translating the handknit patterns for machine knitting, and punching your own cards. nevertheless, it is an excellent resource for anyone who loves lace knitting. unfortunately, it is out of print, and costs a small ransom. on that note, i recommend to anyone to purchase books you want when you see them, because they are valuable resources ... and if it goes out of print, you might end up paying way more than you weren't willing to dish out at cover price. just sayin'.

so, the pattern above is very similar to the chart i wrote out below ... and when i started to knit the front of the sweater, i somehow (okay, i was watching a movie at the same time)(not recommended for knitting lace)(and drinking red wine)(oops) ... got off pattern. so, a ripping i must go. that's okay. i started with the left front, because it had the fewest number of stitches to cast on. i wanted a chart for the lace, because i will be working increases on the sides every 16 rows or so, and i like to see how the increases will be worked into the stitch pattern. anyhoo, i goofed.

it's my suspicion that the knitting gods intend for me to finish flicca first!

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kittylicious said...

Ah oui, that is a FAB lace book. So glad I got mine years ago at das bookstore. What exactly is it going for these days?
P.S. Checked with the Knitting Gods. They say your suspicion is correct!!!