Wednesday, August 22, 2007


... that number represents the number of stitches i have knitted thus far on anne hanson's design hypoteneuse.

remember how i said in my last post that i felt like my head was going to explode? well, it did. and this is the result ... not as messy as one would/could imagine ?

i did not plan to make man lace. i was trying to get caught up on reading blogs, looking at pictures, etc. and i ended up on anne's blog. i had not read her blog in quite a bit, because her posts are so full of information and quality, i want to read it when i feel i have the time and capacity to really enjoy it. and one thing lead to another. and i was thinking about rhinebeck ('cause i'm not going to rhinebeck, but to SAFF instead) ... and i was thinking, "i bet corbett is going to rhinebeck". and then i thought, if i can't go, then maybe i can send him something to wear to rhinebeck.

crazy. i know.

so, the yarn i'm using is elsebeth lavold's silky wool. i purchased it almost two years ago to make the IK viennese shrug. needless to say, the yarn has been marinating in the stash.

it's nice to have a tremendous stash from which to shop in the wee hours of the night!


Stacey said...

oooh - man lace....very nice....

jackie said...

this is just gorgeous! i can't wait to touch it!!!