Monday, August 27, 2007

stuart thinks he's european ...

because he thinks in centimeters ! (they're more precise, right ?!)

anyhoo ... i am here to enable any special clothes making of the wee pixie. we had a little photo & measuring session here this afternoon .....

on the frontside .... stuart is only 16cm tall. he's kinda rotund. his waist is larger than his inseam. just around his pseudo-waist, he measures about 18cm. his inseam is about 4cm (not to mention the 4 cm gap between his legs). yikes!

the tops of his legs measure from 5.5 to 6cm in circumference (hey, is anyone perfectly symmetrical ?!)

from the tops of his legs to his wee arms, he measures approx. 3.5 cm vertically.

his total chest measurement is 19cm!

he doesn't really have shoulders ....

his underarm length is 4.5 to 5cm in length. he's 9cm from (if he had shoulders) shoulder pt. to shoulder pt. (the width across his back, just above his arms).

his arms measure just under 6cm in circumference where they're sewn to his body.

now, his tail ... it's just under 4cm in circumference, and is centered on his backside just 2.5cm from his crotch seam (ewwww !). his tail is a whopping 6cm long!

what? oh! his ears are about 9cm in circumfrence at the top if his head, and measure out about 4cm to the tips.

and, he measures about 5cm from just under his lower lip to his crotch seam.

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