Saturday, August 25, 2007

whew ! i didn't know i had so much to say !

i am truly enjoying the knitting of hypoteneuse, and i'm not just saying that because anne is way cool. i so badly want it to be finished asap, though it's still a million degrees out, so i can block it and enjoy its wonderful drape!

and i wish it was going to be mine. and i'm kinda selfish, and it could still be mine ..., but i feel confident that corbett will love it too, so i know it's going to a good home.

and then, today, i was thinking, i bet jim (corbett's partner) would love some man-lace too, but perhaps something crocheted. which means, when this baby is off the needles, i will be shopping for a stitch pattern of something manly-crocheted. seriously.

stuart. stuart feels a bit neglected, because he's jonesing for something new too. but, i don't know what he really wants. well, i think he wants lots of things ... a sleeping bag, a man-shawl, new pantalones, pj's, etc .... but, what he'll actually get ... hmmm, i don't know !

ps. please feel free to email for measurements and favorite colors of my little pixie !

i could not capture the true beauty of this socken yarn. the colors are more vibrant, more green, more blue, more beautiful ! this is lorna's laces shepherd sock in 407 devon. of course, these little hanks will someday be a pair of socks.

and we save the best for last .... buttons !!! handmade by my lovely artist friend leanne. she's the same one who made my knitting bowl (which, i use all the time, at home, as i knit hypoteneuse).

these buttons are about 3/4" square ... but with one a bit longer on one edge at a whopping 1". i love them ! thanks troll !


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you like the buttons!
I love the man lace. It is so fabulous! And the blue yarns is amazing.
Please post Stuart's measurements. I have many ideas for winter fashion for the little sprite.

f. pea said...

Those buttons are to die for. Maybe Stuart needs a big camel overcoat with beautiful buttons.

Stacey said...

oooh - the man lace is coming along great. Anne is a genius!

the buttons are very original - love the texture....

Beth S. said...

Hypotenuse is splendid--I love the rich tweedy color you're using. :-) And are you sure those buttons aren't actually tasty snacks with little holes in them? They look positively edible, like little candies. ;-)