Wednesday, August 29, 2007

whew! even more to say !!!

this lovely stuff is new at my lys. it came in fresh today. there were lots of delicious color combinations, plus semi-solids ... and i snatched up the semi-black! it is black. sort of. it also has hints of the deepest, darkest, midnight blue. and the twist is very koigu. what will these little gems become? socks? perhaps. perhaps gloves. in all likelihood, they will marinate for a bit.

and this deliciousness ?! it's liisu's leili, a wool & mohair socken yarn. the colorway screams fall. perhaps, if i cast on, the weather will cool sooner?

many thanks to the secret agent that thought of me and knew i would love this yarn ! i love it love it love it kissy kissy lick lick ! mine !

cascade 220, colorway 4002

.... you'd think i'd have a fur ball by now .... so. here's where everything gets kinda muddled. i have been having these thoughts of fall. thoughts of wool. thoughts of sweaters. thoughts of SAFF.

i want a sweater. i want a sweater soon. i want an everyday sweater. i have a favorite sweater. it's old jcrew. it's a very basic cardigan, with a few cables here and there. it's quite warm. though, it's that hideous day glow red that grandma may have knitted for you, i love it (it keeps me warm warm warm in my cold cold apt. in the winter). and, it's classic.

so, i have been perusing ravelry. i love ravelry. it's such a great database. check it out. if you haven't added your name to the waitlist, go ahead and do that now. it's not about who's who, it's a database. seriously.

so, (i like to say "so") ... i have been courting two sweater patterns. the first, wicked by the zephyr girls, and bristow by ms. melanie.

both sweaters i would wear. i love both designs. they both have positive reviews/feeback. and i love both these versions of each (click ! each !).

but, there's always a butt, isn't there ?! but. i think i will be knitting the wicked sweater as i want something more like my favorite jcrew sweater. something very wearable, something very understated. something of which the pattern sizes (w/o tons of modifications) is closer to a bust size i can work with). something everyday.

note: the pattern for wicked does not give you instructions for converting the pullover into a cardigan.

i love bristow. i will likely end up knitting that design as well ... but not before wicked. i want both, but i only have two hands! and i must sleep! and i still have 17 orphans !

but, this mate is about to be united with its orphan
(i'm suppose to be cleaning house right now. and i will, as soon as i hit publish post. which means, socken toe will have to wait until tomorrow night.).


Mouse said...

I'm super excited about SAFF and I also can't wait to meet you! I'm sure in worst case scenario you could always cobble together a sweater from those 17 single sockens. hee hee.

I decided to forgo the sweater and make Lady Eleanor for SAFF. I couldn't decide on a sweater and this way it doesn't matter what the weather is.

turtlegirl76 said...

If you make enough orphans, won't you eventually have pairs by default? I mean, your color choices can't be so varied that there aren't some that would coordinate with each other. You seem like a fun person. Who even cares if they match? I think you could totally pull off wearing two completely different socks.

And that first yarn? Totally Koigu like. That's what I thought it was at first.

kim said...

Hmm...maybe Wicked wouldn't be so hard to knit as a cardigan, if it were knit all in one piece, back and forth.

I so know what you mean about the J Crew. I love their sweaters.

aija said...

Oh! The ShuBui looks SO nice!! Excellent color choice :)

Stacey said...

i have been hearing raves about the ShuBui yarn - can't wait to see what pattern you pick for it....

i'd go with Bristow. the one on Flickr looks so much nicer than the one in Knitty!

Jan said...

Ooh, I've been noticing the Shibui yarn popping up here and there. I'm afraid resistance may be futile.

Jane said...

My friend just linked me to your blog, and I have to say it's nice meeting someone who seems to be as sock obsessed as me. I loved the photo of all your ophans lined up on the railing!

amanda cathleen said...

I've been craving a sweater too. Lovely new additions to your stash!!

Nora said...

I would love a sweater in the 'almost black'... :)