Saturday, August 18, 2007


seeing as how i have several different things to share, i'm not even going to shoot for continuity. instead, i am purposefully mixing it all up!

first up ... something finished !

...sockens. purple heathered sockens. purple heathered wool/acrylique sockens knitted at a larger gauge. these are the socks that i knitted during the beginning sock class i teach at my lys. for teaching purposes, i've found that we can actually get a sock knitted if it's at a larger gauge. in the class, we use plymouth's encore worsted and whatever size dpns that will yield a gauge of 5 sts/inch. though the label recommends a US 8, i end up using a US 5. and in class, it's not uncommon to see each person using a different needle size.

i have been knitting on my aran blankie. now that i have air conditioning (which, for this season, has been for about a month) i won't die with a giant pile of wool in my lap as i knit on this baby. i went diggin' in the 66 qt. bin that houses this project and found my two finished smaller panels. in the picture, i have each smaller panel flanking the larger unfinished panel ... just to give me (and you) an idea of what this will look like someday. i figure i am at least 1/2 through this project, as i have 2 out of 3 small panels completed, and at least 2/3rd's of 1 of the 2 large panels. regardless, i realize that this is a long term project (and let us not forget i started this in 2000 !).

special note: this yarn color is called chartreuse. sometimes, depending on the light, it looks like tobacco. sometimes, pea soup. most often, it's the perfect shade of ICK. i love it. i love how the color changes depending on its light source.

stuart! stuart has a man-bag ! yay!!! i think agent aubergine loves stuart as much as i do ... as she made him a freeform spiral bag. he loves his bag. it completes his outfit. and he can pack his gun.

oooh! another sock. and not just another sock ... but a socken-mate !


Emma in France said...

I love the heathered purple colour of those socks. How comfortable are larger gauge socks?

And is the other pair a pair of Monkeys?

gray la gran said...

hi emma,
the knitted fabric is pretty firm, and the fabric is thick. crammed into my shoes, they are not very comfortable!
they are meant for being house or bed socks, and i've not worn them around my place as it's too hot right now for socks (and my floors are dirty dirty).
i was also thinking to perhaps knit the bottom of the foot in reverse stockinette stitch, as to feel the smooth knit stitches vs. the bumpy purl stitches.
and yes, more monkeys! the more the merrier :)

Mouse said...

The only thing I can think with this post is "STOP TAUNTING ME WITH THOSE KEENS!!!!" I must have a pair with the little flowers.. they look more 'petite' than the Seattles.

painter girl said...

pretty pretty!
I love the sokkens with your cute mary janes!
tres chic....
and stuart is quite the manly man. I thing he needs a winter crochet pantaloon outfit?????
we'll have to see what I can whip up for the winter collection.

elizabeth marley said...

Well look at you with your pairs of socks! PAIRS! I love it!

Stacey said...

another finished pair!!!! you are well on your way! :)

that blanket is going to be a treasure. not many people like that shade of green, but I really do....

startare said...

hi, it's my first encounter with Stuart, but I think I've fallen in love; does he have brothers or kids?

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I adore your afghan. I plan to make one myself. Can you recommend a book? Thank you!