Friday, January 04, 2008

... the chaos continues .....

i woke yesterday morning glassy-eyed, snotty, and puffy (i could feel the puffy coming on, ... possibly due to the parotid gland ?). my cheeks were red, and on one side, i looked like a deranged chipmunk! did i mention i can't hear anything (sorry neighbors for the blaring television !!!) ?

i went to work, with my semi-gameface on (it's hard to look with it when half your face looks like a pufferfish). i received a phone call about an hour in, a conference call ... an intervention. my friends were calling to cover my shift. to send me home. i have some great friends!

so, home i came. and home was all day. did i knit? ... some. did i watch movies? ... of course! and i sipped hot tea and surfed the net, perused my IK's and knitting library, especially ravelry.

i knitted some on my socken ... my pretty fuzzy mountain colors stockinette socken ....

i danced around the idea of casting on for IK's spiral boot socks.

i revisited wicked.

i wound some yarn.

and where am i now? hmmm .... still on the sofa, wrapped in my quilt, contemplating the socks vs. the squares .....

... and contemplating breakfast, as i have to go to work today. sniff ...!


Anonymous said...

I do hope your feeling better! My kids have been fighting a nasty cold the past couple of weeks.
What a bunch of wonderful friends you have. And that is one lovely sock that you have.
Your squares are making me want to start a lizard ridge blankie something fierce!

turtlegirl76 said...

Hope you're feeling better!

jackie said...

didn't you already cast on for those spiral boot socks and then reject them? was that the yarn's fault and not the pattern's?