Monday, January 28, 2008

making progress

yet another sunday full of knitting, friendship, and food yielded great progress on my latest knitting obsession ...

that's the back of twist. that's how far my first hank of cascade 220 got me. i am very close to shaping the armholes. because i need to pin it out to measure, i went ahead and cast on a sleeve.

i also figured out how to cable without a cable needle. i found that very exciting because it's a pain to keep up with a cable needle.

i did not knit socks yesterday. that is unusual for me. i did not seam my chocolate pullover ... not so unusual. i thought about what hat i want to knit with my natural malabrigo worsted.


Stacey said...

quick work!!!! wow! I have to learn that cable trick one of these days!

knittingiris said...

This is already so pretty I can barely stand it! I'm NOT allowed, though, to cast on for anything else right now and it's killing me.
I've repeatedly been amazed lately at how far a 100 gram ball of worsted weight yarn goes.

Veggies.... said...

I love knitting cables! They look so difficult and they are so easy and fun to knit, in reality. Love the color you chose too. Great work!