Wednesday, January 09, 2008

string art

have you ever knitted with linen or hemp? it's definitely an experience. right now, the linen (by euroflax) has a life of its own. the stitches don't scrunch up, but instead stand rigid and spread.

... not to mention it's anything but soft. sometimes, when i've knitted with hemp, i've ended up wrapping bandaids around my fingers.

after all is said and done, and the shawl is washed and blocked, and shaken and broken, it will be as fluid as melted butter.

this is the spring things shawl by susan lawrence. it should only take 2 (or less) hanks of euroflax sport weight linen ... and a number of beads vs. nupps. i'm knitting it as a shop model for my lys. eventually, it will be mine, and in the meantime, it might inspire others to pick up their needles and knit lace, or exfoliate their fingers with linen.


Stacey said...

very pretty. it is weird to see lace all spread out when you are knitting it! it is usually all scrunchy!

Jan said...

This is going to be so pretty but it sounds like another of those projects you have to suffer through a bit on the way to the finish line. I know about those. :-)
A linen shawl...mmmm. Worth the trouble.

Lisa said...

Very pretty, wish I could see it in person! Hopefully, soon. I miss visiting you and the girls at the GY, but I'm happy working closer to home. I'll be doing a show next month; sounds like a good excuse to drop in!

KaKi said...

oooooo, bandaids on my fingers to knit? I don't know. I will wait and see this in person before I make up my mind!!!

jackie said...

i love the color of this yarn. that smokey periwinkle blue has to be my favorite. :)