Saturday, January 12, 2008

i'm making a sweater!

and by saying that, i will never finish THE sweater ! but, i might. of course, i might never wear THE sweater. and i'm not working on my other sweater .... but if i do, you'll see it here first !

in other knitterly news, i knitted socks!

socks ... not sock. they are wonderful and warm and pretty and finished! i started these new years eve and finished last night. i could had finished sooner, but i was distracted by THE sweater and the shawl.

the shawl is quite satisfying to knit. just when i was bored with the all over pattern, i got to move on to the next chart. i went back to ravelry for a bit more inspiration, and found again the version that i adored.

she had made a modification that made the all over pattern flow better into the next chart of lace. i followed her links and made the "changes".

it's looking great. i've completed the first round of chart B. i have to knit that section (minus the mods.) two more times before moving on to the next chart ... but, i'm almost out of yarn. i left the second hank of linen at work ... so, unless i want to do a ninja strike on my lys tomorrow morning, i will continue knitting on THE sweater, or socks.

specs :

socks: mountain colors bearfoot in 'chocolate', 2.25 mm susan bates dpns, 64 sts.

shawl: louet euroflax sport in 'french blue', size 5 turbos, 6/0 seedbeads.


Brenda in Toronto said...

well don't jinx it! repeat after me: 'i will finish the sweater. i will wear the sweater. i will finish the sweater. i will wear the sweater.'

Stacey said...

you will finish! inserting a sock here and there and a shawl inbetween - no biggie! :)

sweetfigs said...

Diggin' the non-orphan socken!

Veggies.... said...

Your sockS look terrific!

Anonymous said...

beautiful chocolate socken! Yay for mates!
Lovely little beads on your shawl. : )