Wednesday, June 04, 2008

other things ....

brigit's in the back seat. i cannot knit her on the bus. the bus is too bouncy for wee stitchs on slippery 2mm needles.

plan B just needs a toe grafted.

but even plan B is taking a rest, as i have been knitting furiously on this!

teddy bears baby blanket

i am really enjoying this project, and i am about 5 rows from binding off. i started this on sunday, and my deadline is this sunday. i must finish before then so i can wash and block, plus i will be teaching tomorrow night, ... so there goes an evening of knitting.

the pattern is absolutely adorable! ... and it's free ! it's called the teddy bear baby blanket from crysal palace yarns. it's easy to knit, the instructions are very clear, and it has a chart! what more could you ask for?

i am using caron simply soft heather in 'denim heather'. depending on the light, sometimes it's more gray than blue. the yarn is very soft, as the label promises. how well it will hold up ... only time will tell. i am double stranded on size 11 needles. i have even been knitting this on the bus ... out of desperation to finish on time.

so, what's on the schedule for tonight? hmmm ... make some dinner (enough for leftovers for lunch tomorrow ... and the next day ... hmmm ....), then finish knitting the blanket!


Stacey said...

that is going to be so cute! I love "picture patterns" - they are just so creative!

f. pea said...

Hey, I'm knitting a baby blankie right now too! Let's be blankie buddies!