Thursday, April 10, 2008

"do i really wear socks in the summer?"

"ummm .... i don't think so !"

then why did i knit lace summer socks?! i dunno. because i had the yarn? it's pretty? the pattern, it's pretty too? i like knitting socks? duh.

i meant to wear them today. it was only in the 70's, sunny, beautiful, and all that good stuff. but, i never made it out the door with socks on.

that's how it is in the south. there's sock season and sandal season (sans socks) .... and maybe, when you're feeling entirely practical, sock & sandal season.

specs: floral lace anklets by evelyn clark, in interweave knits _lace style_ book.
cpy panda cotton in lacquer red, 2 balls.
size 2.25 mm susan bates dpns.
got gauge with zeros, but was skeptical of a 60 st. sock with zeros, so went with the 1's. i'm glad i did! it is a stretchy pattern, but ......


beentsy said...

Oh! Those are lovely. I like the colour you chose much more than the one in the book. Gorgeous!

Stacey said...

very's supposed to get cold here again, so I know I have at least another month of sock wearing!

kim said...

Hey, you never know when the air conditioner is going to freak out and you'll need those socks!

f. pea said...

i love how we swerve back & forth between sock and no-sock weather on a daily basis in april. those are sweet!

Nik said...

You make the prettiest socks.

wishiwerebuffy said...

Beautiful socks!!!

Jenna said...

Love the color and pattern!

If you come to the NW, you'll see that many people treat it as sock and sandal weather year-round.

Maybe you can wear them when you go to the movies in the summer? The AC is always cranking there.