Monday, July 14, 2008

all that glitters?

or diamonds sapphires and pearls ? .... sapphire heather wool of the andes, and pony pearl needles.

sapphire heather

pony pearls

'tis summer of socks, and i am knitting wool socks ?! yes, i am. 'tis summer, and i am knitting ... socks .......

i am knitting on lots of socks. i am aiming for pairs. but, right now, i am just enjoying socks .....

these? i have made these before. and i love 'em, though i've not yet had a seasonal opportunity to wear them. and i'm making more. why? because i wanted to try out some of the knitpicks yarns ... incase i choose to knit a sweater for the fall/winter.

did you see the wee stitch marker on the side of my leg? that's where i switched to ball #2. so, if you are making a pair of (knee hi) socks, i almost used up all of ball #2 (on the first sock).


yarn: kp's wool of the andes
needles: pony pearls, size US 3
pattern: tyrolean stockings, IK fall '07


amandacathleen said...

what a brilliant idea! My Dad loves socks knit from WOTA. He tells me that they really keep his feet warm. He hates "thin" socks, as he puts it.

Stacey said...

I love those. The blue is great and they will be nice and cozy come fall!