Monday, July 28, 2008

i'm back!

and i can't sleep!

it's been a long day. after arriving back in the USA, my connecting flight home was canceled. then, it was delayed. and delayed. and delayed again.

i got tired (to say the least) and rented a car to drive the rest of the way home, and after paying up, two other stranded passengers 'found' me and we split the rental to our destination. thank goodness for strangers !

regardless, i got a fair amount of knitting done. i even finished a PAIR of socks!

swimmin' sockens

hurray for jaywalkers! (... pattern on ravelry.) though i'm not a fan of grumperina's blog, i do adore the jaywalker pattern. it has kinda ruined me in terms of self striping yarns. it can be frustrating to figure out what size to knit, and fine tuning the fit. but, once that is done, it makes everything look good.

i finished these socks on my mexico trip. of course, i was thrilled to have a pair vs orphans! i was lazy in modeling the socks. it was too hot and sticky to pull the socks on (hello tropics!), and then i thought the blue of the pool would make a great contrast and background. and my sockens are witches ... they float !

awww .....
... but stuart, he floats via frisbee.

(it was lightening when i rolled into town, and then thundering ... and supposedly my delayed flight eventually made it here as well ... but i have not heard from the airline. perhaps i should call the girls in baggage claim again ? ... it's been raining hard for awhile too .... )


Stacey said...

what a nightmare!!! glad you are back though...hopefully your baggage will make it too!

Michelle said...

I love the pool photos! And the witchy socks.

f. pea said...

welcome home! so glad you had a fun trip!