Thursday, July 31, 2008

sleeve knitting

sleeve time

since returning from my trip, i have been out of sorts (that's a nice way of saying 'sick'). as a result, i've not been very intersted in my socks, nor any knitting that takes much thought.

how lucky for fonn! i picked this up again over the last couple of nights. i mostly knitted on the body, going round and round, ... and watching movies. i am almost finished with the lower body (probably lacking a few centimeters), so i went ahead and started a sleeve. i would love to be knitting both sleeves at once, but i am working on dpns, and only have one set of the harmony needles for the sleeve knitting.

my concern is over gauge. that means i must cast on for the second sleeve and knit it as soon as i finish the first (can't have sleeve orphans!).

though there's a perpetual ebb and flow with my knitting, i am anxious to keep moving forward and get to the fun part ... ie: the fairisle yoke!


Stacey said...

that is the one thing about those bottom up yoke sweaters - the fun part you save for last!!

amandacathleen said...

i do hope you feel better soon! the fairisle is the fun part i hope you make it there soon : )
and your sunshine sockens look beautiful in that super blue pool!