Monday, July 07, 2008

2 FO's

2 fo's

i have actually finished a couple of things, though ... not pairs. i do not plan on these being orphans for long. i would had cast on for the second jaywalker, had i thought to pack the 2nd ball of yarn. i guess i didn't expect to actually get a sock knitted so quickly (i started the jaywalker on the 4th).

on my right foot, i am wearing my raindrop lace sock (by fibertrends). the yarn is lovely ! it's the knitting iris socken yarn.

on my left foot, i am wearing a jaywalker. since that pattern's debut, it's hard to resist using it for self-striping yarns. the yarn is marks & kattens clown (a cotton/wool/nylon blend).

regarding the jaywalker, i have found that the 2.5mm needle works best for me, no matter the fingering yarn. i knit the smaller of the two sizes, and when i get to the foot, i do an extra set of decrease across the top of the foot on (an otherwise) 'work even' round.

so, two socks finished. two socks that need mates, ... and of course, i have other yarns/patterns that might tempt me.


Stacey said...

the raindrop sock is great....but, I think you need some more orphans.. :)

Anonymous said...

Let's see, rainbow...jaywalker...rainbow...jaywalker...which one do 'I' like better? Hmmm....they are both so 'purdy'!!!!