Friday, June 27, 2008

buy local

ravelry is certainly a time suck, but it is an awesome data base. where else can i search endlessly on all things knit & crochet?

not so long ago, i spotted this wonderful pullover. of course, i perused all the versions on (ravelry).

and so, i decided i must also make this sweater!

buy local
i could had ordered online, paid my shipping, and gotten it in a few days. but instead, i decided to buy local. i remembered that one of the local LYS carried the lite lopi, so i called the store and asked if they had the book. they did. how about the yarn? ... "i can order it". COOL! and it came in less than two weeks.

while i was there, this stupid woman said, "oh, not only are you knitting with wool, ... you're knitting lopi !" i wanted to say 'shut up', but instead gave her one of my 'looks'.

hairy stuff!

it is hairy stuff. but, it's icelandic wool ! i guess i'm not as much of a yarn snob as some people. i will knit with yarn that tears up my skin (ie: hemp and linen), is splitty as hell (ie: panda cotton), or bleeds to death (ie: some colorways of bearfoot), or everyone else deems as cheap crap (ie: acrylique). and i will wear itchy things because they're so cool (looking) (ie: my lamb's pride skully sweater). and, when my apt. is a whopping 55* next winter, i will be cozy in my icelandic pullover.

knitting wool in summer ....
of course, we can all think positive in this crazy summer heat .....


f. pea said...

great choice! i know you know i made it last year... and i used lopi too. it was actually very pleasurable. lopi is less processed than a lot of other wool, and is full of lanolin. so while it was technically "scratchy," it felt great sliding along through my hands because it was naturally softened. horrible for someone with wool allergies, but nice for the rest of us!

Michelle said...

I'm with you on the lopi, it's soft and has a fantastic drape when you knit it up. Added bonus, you'll have a beautiful icelandic sweater when you're done, even if it is 86F/30C outside.

Stacey said...

oooh - that is going to be one cozy sweater!!!!