Sunday, March 15, 2009

craving texture

i looked through my projects the other day, and noticed that the bulk of my knitting is lace or cables, and primarily texture. i don't knit much stockinette because it's boring. it's not even mindless.

lately, i have been thinking more and more about the guernsey and gansey. i think this was spawned by the lastest rowan 45's avignon (ravelry link) ... i couldn't find a proper rowan international link.

i have a very generous amount of this rowan cotton in stash. i have enough for pretty much any sweater i'd like to make. i just have to decide which one is sweater worthy.

in the meantime, i am knitting socks ... yeah. i know. but, i have the pleasure of texture w/o the volume of yardage. and the weather lately .... rain. it has been raining for days. it's going to rain for at least another day. the sky is a solid gray. whether it's raining or not, there is a constant drip from the eaves.

so. the sock ....

almost to the toe



the pattern is anne hanson's lighthouse gansey sock from knitty.

though sized for a man, i am getting a nice woman's medium on my size 2.25mm's. i guess i'm a tighter knitter than anne.

everything about knitting this sock has been a pleasure. i love that i'm constantly changing patterns or chasing charts. i love that i don't have to do any k3tog or other knitter-batic moves. i love the yarn. it's regia's 4 fadig color, in colorway 1903. the colors remind me of these cold and ugly wet days. days i imagine on a foreign beach, full of rocks .... smooth sandwashed rocks. the color reminds me of sunny days to come.

my guernsey/gansey bug has not been bitten. i still have a craving for a traditional sweater. i've taken to some bedtime reading ......

bedtime reading


Anonymous said...

lovely texture! Can't wait to hear more about your future sweater : )

Stacey said...

love the sock! texture is what MAKES a sock!! :)

Hepsi said...

I came to thank you for your comment!
Lovely socks! Wow! And so are your previous projects! =)

jackie said...


Pat said...

I'm always on the lookout for a "man" sock - this is beautiful - manly enough for him and not boring for me to knit!
WOW...that gusset is perfect :-)

painter girl said...

Love the sock! The yarn is beautiful.
Can't wait to see what sweater you feel is Sweater Worthy. HAH! I loved that episode.