Thursday, March 19, 2009

i don't like nupps

there. i said it. nupps suck. perhaps i knew that long ago, when i was substituting beads for nupps ....

but, i wanted to try a "real" estonian design, nupps and all.

triinu lace scarf

so i knitted nancy bush's triinu scarf from her _knitted lace of estonia_ book. the scarf is absolutely beautiful, as are all the designs in the book.

being lace on circular needles, it was a small project to carry around, stashed in my purse, should i find myself stuck somewhere with some spare knitting time. the chart is quick to memorize. it's mindless knitting.

as i got closer to the end, i knitted more ... eager to see the finished product. yesterday was that day. i still had another repeat of the main pattern to knit, and to knit each of the lace edges on the ends. i did it. i bound off, with my two strands held together.

after i got into bed, i was thinking about how tight the bindoff seemed. i got out of bed and found my book, and recognized the bind off in the pictures was not the same as a basic bind off.


i paged through the book. this should be in the errata (and it's not), BUT the bind off instructions should say to "bind of with k2tog method".

it doesn't say that. there's information near the front of the book about what kind of bind off methods used, and why/where, etc. the picture clearly represents the k2tog "method" (like evelyn clark uses for swallowtail, etc ....). OTHER shawls with exterior bind offs say to use the k2tog method. i guess it was just an oversight here. an irritating oversight.

so, there in bed i ripped out each of the bind offs, ... i reknitted one, and saved the other for breakfast.

today ... i washed and blocked. i actually was able to block out to the dimensions in the book, 11" x 63". she's sitting on the floor ... drying ... waiting 'til tomorrow when the temperatures are going to drop at least 20* from today.

she's blocking!

regardless (of me being pissed), it's a very beautiful scarf. it has me paging through my book for the next estonian escapade. there are a handful of designs that have minimal nupps or none at all. and there are designs so fabulous that you think, "nupps? ... whatever! i can do nupps!"

knitted with kp's shadow lace yarn in colorway hot rod, on size US4 needles. i had to dip into the second hank for the edge lace and twice binding off.


painter girl said...

Sigh.....sooooooo beautiful so elegant. Love this scarf and it will look so good on you.

turtlegirl76 said...

Redoing that bind off was so worth it though, wasn't it? It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

ooooo that stings! I'm so sorry girl! But it looks like it was worth it, your scarf is beautiful!