Friday, March 27, 2009

a wee update

it's pretty pathetic when i have to look at my own blog to remember what projects i am (or should be) working on. i had forgotten about the gansey socks! shameful, i know.

instead, i have been plowing through the ugly socks.

almost finished with a pair

i am very close to the toe shaping. i tend to slow down as a project comes near the end. i don't know why. perhaps because it requires thinking ... and measuring ... to make sure i am ready for the next step.

when this sock is off the needles though, i will have to find another mindless socken project.

i have also been working on my midnight socks ... i cast on the mate on sunday, and decided that it can be semi-mindless (as long as i have good lighting). i'd like to finish this sock before the end of the month, though the "due date" for the kal isn't 'til the end of april. the sooner i finish, the sooner i can join the april challenge of ravelry's sock knitters anonymous.

i also happened to cast on for another sock that would qualify for this month's challenge ...


... cat bordhi's spring thaw socks from knitter's magazine #91 (last summer?).
it's a very pretty sock, with twisted stitches, leaves, and cat bordhi architecture. i can follow the techniques, but i'm not sure about the gauge. therefore, i will knit on with little commitment.

and then (i haven't cast on yet) ... i bought/downloaded kieran foley's high seas wrap/shawl. i love its simplicity, and i have some old knitpicks alpaca cloud in stash.

so want to cast on ....

what should i be doing (knitwise)? ... finishing my chocolate aran vest ... at the very least. it's so close to being finished ... but the sight of buds on the trees and springtime rain (and thunderstorms) makes it kinda hard to think about knitting a wool vest.


Dave said...

Funny how we all like different things, cause really, them's not ugly, them's actually quite nice!!

lynette said...

your socks are certainly not ugly. i think they're quite lovely.