Monday, March 30, 2009

tah dah!

okay mom, here's your socks!

the ugly socks are done!

i finished these about two days ago. okay, maybe they're not so ugly. i think they look better in pictures because i can't get the color balance correct. the colors (to me at least) do seem to muddle together.

these were my mindless sock knitting project, and now i'm dying to cast on for something new. i like to always have at least one mindless project on the needles. i might need to go stash diving and pull out something that self-patterns.

because i felt somewhat detached from this yarn, i was more open to the idea of trying some new things (ie: garter stitch on the sides of the heelflap, and a dutch heel). the garter rib wasn't monotonous, and makes a very nice basic sock w/o having to rib every round. perhaps i should had tried a different toe too ...

regardless, yeah they're done ! and here are the specs:

yarn: plymouth yarn rockin' socks, col. 003, 1 skein
needles: 2.25mm susan bates dpns
pattern: garter rib from _sensational knitted socks_ (64sts cast on)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! my beautiful socks are finally done! thanks....they are pretty!