Thursday, March 12, 2009

i am not finished ...

with my lovely chocolate cabled aran vest, but ... i am about 70% there! the weather threw me off a bit, with amazing days of heat and sunshine. now ... the clouds and colder temperatures have moved back in. i am thinking of my vest again. i'm thinking, "how nice it would be if it were finished and i could wear it over the next several days!". darn.

what has been my distraction?

my goodness!

... socks. what else? lace. what else? lace & socks? ... of course.

i thought this pattern, blackrose from knitty, was just pretty !. i had some "new" sock yarn from that store i went to in hickory, nc, ... a strand of purls. lately, i feel more of an "itch" to cast on with "fresh" yarn ... nothing against the "seasoned" yarn ... it's probably just a guilt thing.

the yarn is Araucania Ranco Solid in shade 'midnight' 120. it IS midnight! i love the color, though it's hard to capture the deep variations. the knitting is slow as i can only knit on this during daylight hours. once a lamp comes on in the evening, the sock is set aside.

there is other knitting going on as well. and then there's the "next sweater" research happening too.

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Anonymous said...

of course lace and socks! Such a pretty lacy sock it is!