Friday, June 19, 2009


chalet socks

i have finished some socks, but i keep forgetting to post them. these are the chalet socks from nancy bush's _folk socks_. after some knitting, ripping, and knitting, they are done.

the pattern wasn't as difficult as i imagined it would be. in the past, i found the symbols used for the traveling stitches very confusing. but, with a post-it note, keeping up with the chart was managable.

if my sticky note fell off, however, it was tricky figuring out exactly which round i was on (i blame the twisted stitches for that).

i used knitpick's bare superwash merino/nylon fingering yarn. i bought some awhile back to dye. i have dyed some, but this time i used it undyed. i figure i can always overdye the socks if i find i'm not wearing this color. of course, me and dyeing is always a gamble. i don't usually get the color i intended.

though not technically summer yet, it sure feels like summer. these socks, and many others, will be waiting for cooler weather before they're worn (like, maybe october?).


turtlegirl76 said...

They're beautiful!

French Connection (Ravelry) said...

An absolutely gorgeous pair of socks.