Wednesday, June 24, 2009

no pairs, just singles here

i am knitting socks like a mad woman ... but, aren't i always? i have more handknit socks than most people have store bought socks. and i keep knitting them.

i've had a heck of a time getting good pictures of this one though ...

this is a birch leaf sock by nancy bush, from the book _a gathering of lace_. i've had the book for years, but somehow this sock pattern kinda fell from my radar.

i'm having trouble getting good pictures of it too, because my yarn choice (Wendy Sunbeam St. Ives 4 Ply Sock Wool) has that rustic look and feel to it ... and it kind has a hairy halo. the yarn is heathered, and up close, almost has a kettle-dyed look about it. it's a good basic wool/nylon blend that will last for years.

birch leaves

i am almost finished with the cuff of the mate, so this sock won't be an orphan for long.

cookie's summer sox

here's another sock on the needles. it was suppose to be my "summer sock". this pattern is cookie's new summer sox pattern (pdf link). i could had chosen a more season appropriate yarn, but instead chose socks that rock lightweight in cobalt bloom. though this yarn has been in stash for more than a year, this is the first time i've knitted with the stuff. and, it's so not lightweight. it's rather "beefy". but, i wanted pinkish socks. so, when the weather turns, i will have some very warm and wooly summer sox.

and just to keep things sane around here, i of course have a plain stockinette stitch sock on the needles ...

mom's sock

this pair is close to completion. i am on the foot of the mate. the yarn is paton's kroy stripes. it's great for mindless knitting (and knitting in a movie theatre). i knitted the leg of the first sock when i saw Land of the Lost.

with so many socks on the needles, you'd think i wouldn't be planning my next pair ... but i am. just this morning i was thinking about these pretty sandalwood socks from IK winter 2008. of course, by this afternoon, i may be planning for something completely different.


Anonymous said...

I likey ;)especially the striped one. Looks like a perfect fit!

ruthee... said...

They are all so gorgeous. I have seen that sock in _Gathering of Lace_ but never really gave it a second thought - until now. You did a great job of capturing a difficult yarn!

leanne pizio said...

Beautiful all! I love the birchleaf sock the bestest. I like the way it comes to a widows peak at the top. Makes for a little sexy change in the traditional sock.

Valerie Kelley said...

Does anyone know where to get the Sunbeam St. Ives yarn? I can't find it.