Friday, June 19, 2009

more blue socks !

the sunny side

shibui sunshine

the shadow side

i'm starting to wonder if blue is my new favorite color ....

these too are recently finished. these are my sunshine socks from cookie a's new _sock innovation_. i belong to a kal on ravelry for the designs in this book. i did not participate the first month, because i had already knitting both the patterns they offered. this month, both patterns were 'new to me'. but i picked the option from the book vs. the other (nebula). i could knit both for the month, but i don't think i can finish another cookie design before the end of the month, and i have other socks on the needles.

my favorite thing about the pattern is the yarn. it's shibui sock (in colorway 2955, midnight). the yarn has a lot of 'boing' and body. the socks are heavy ... i used up all but 7 grams (finished socks weigh 97 grams) (yeah, i know 97+7 doesn't = 100).

the stitch pattern eats up the yarn. the leg has 80 stitches. that's a lot of yarn when your yardage is on the skimpy side. the saving grace is the leg isn't that tall, so there's enough yarn to get to the toes.

this yarn has been in my stash for a little while (maybe 2 years?). it was nice to finally knit it. and i love the results. i love how the yarn seems more semi-solid in the leg and toes, and does this blotchy-pooling thing on the foot. i have another colorway in stash, which i might use for another cookie pattern from the same book.


turtlegirl76 said...

I have some Shibui marinating in my stash too. It's really pretty yarn and i definitely understand the "boing" you speak of. The socks are gorgeoous! You're on a roll.

ruthee... said...

I *love* Shibui sock yarn. "Boing" is a great word to describe the yarn. If you like that aspect of the yarn, Claudia's Handpainted also meets the "boing" factor!

Anonymous said...

absolutely love how the yarn pooled on the toe! Crazy maths! Did you weight the yarn before you started? Maybe that's why its of?
Anyway, those are beautiful socks, I think blue is becoming my favorite color the last 4 things I knit have been blue.

Hepsi said...

Wow, these are so beautiful!