Thursday, June 04, 2009

yummy socks!

i think what i like about this yarn and pattern combination so much is it reminds me of ribbon candy ... and the pattern mimics an interlacement of ribbons. it's just pretty.

wanida socks 029

this sock is wanida from cookie's new _sock innovation_. the yarn is malabrigo sock in archangel. knitting with this yarn was nice. i would certainly buy it again, if i found it in a colorway i could not resist (like this one). the pattern was virtually mindless.

i made some mistakes here and there, due to movie watching. but for the most part, all that was needed was a quick glance at the chart. i didn't even need a post-it to keep track of rounds.

should you want to knit this sock, remember there is a mistake in the pattern, one that i have not seen listed on the errata yet.

i posted this note on the comment page for wanida on ravelry:

"i say there’s something definitley wrong with the heel flap set up in wanida.

if knitted as written, you will be off.

but, it works out just fine if on the last round of the leg chart to knit to the end minus 1 (knit only 7 of the “red” stitches). then, in the heelflap, place the next 33 sts. on hold, then do row 1 of heel flap.

everything lines up that way."

it's raining today, and i'm kinda antsy because i want to cast on something new and i don't have full access to my stash :(

wanida socks 064


Walden said...

They look wonderful!

VeganCraftastic said...

Those socks are so pretty!

ruthee... said...

The finished socks are really lovely. I am just astounded (and excited) that the varigated yarn does well for the intricate pattern. Rock on!

Esoteric Knitter said...

I love these socks!!

leanne said...

Pretty Sockens!

Love the ribbons snaking through the designs.

Tina Smith said...


I am working on the second Wanida sock and I don't have access to ravelry at work and I forgot how to make the stitches line up properly! I was madly googling 'wanida socks' and found your post.
Thank you again for getting me past this rough spot. I love this pattern, works up very fast. Much faster with your help now!
Thank again