Saturday, January 02, 2010

and the knitting !

i am so impressed with myself. not that i knitted a shawl, because i can knit shawls ... but that i finished a shawl!

after my first rip out session with the baby yesterday, (i ripped about 5" of the edging) i continued onward as it would be too much like me to put it down for something more fun. i love starting things, can't say i like fixing things.

after finishing last night, i went ahead and blocked. i figured i better while i have the time.

and look, she's a beauty!!!

socks shawl christmas 170

socks shawl christmas 173

socks shawl christmas 176

socks shawl christmas 228

this is Aestlight by the shetland knitter, Gudrun Johnston. i did the larger version, on size 4mm knitpicks options ... which was pointy enough and not terribly slippery. it was good to use these needles as i used the stoppers and cable to make a giant stitch holder for the stitches across the top while i knitted the border and edging.

my final measurements are 57" wingspan and a 28" drop. it's much bigger than i expected. it will be cozy (and stunning!) for work.

the yarn i used is dyed by fearless fibers. it's a superwash sock wt, in a colorway called butterscotch. this yarn was a gift from corbett about 2 1/2 years ago. i was always skeptical of knitting socks with this yarn, because it's a 2ply. but fear no more, i would surely knit socks with it. but, a shawl is more tempting, as a shawl is more "public". why hide such pretty yarn under pants and in shoes?

socks shawl christmas 230

there are lots of things i have not done or finished, but it's new year's weekend, and i am relaxing. to me, that's way more important (and necessary) than all the other stuff.

happy new year!


Hepsi said...

Yes She is very beautiful indeed! =)

Rainy Daisy said...

The shawl is GORGEOUS. Daisy like. Daisy like much.

Also, I appreciate your frenchifying of "acrylique." So much classier.