Sunday, January 03, 2010

cleaning house

from time to time, i find a project that i failed to post here, as i sometimes forget, when the process involves, 1) taking pictures, 2) processing, 3) uploading to flickr, 4) posting on ravelry, 5) updating blog. apparently, i only got to step #4 when i finished these socks back in october. whoops.

yellow sparkle socks

these are the socks i knitted for the september sockdown. one of the challenges was knitting with yellow. of course, i had to add beads, because that was a future challenge. beaded socks are this month's challenge. but, i'm not doing it again. i didn't mind adding the beads, but it is time consuming, and a bit fiddly.
all my details are over here, from when i originally posted this project.

but, a note i will add here ... i knitted these socks with 2.25mm dpns, with the exception of the beaded band, which i used 2.5mm dpns. that section does not have a lot of stretch (not due to the beads, but the stitch pattern). i think i could had even gone up to a 2.75mm needle and been fine (for that section only). just a little FYI incase anyone else decides to knit this pattern.


msleo said...

I'm not fond of yellow myself, but I really like these socks. They are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Mouse said...

Wow.. those are some sunshine yellow socks! Happy New Year to you & the sock critters!

Meandering Mel said...

I'm not entirely sure how I found your blog, but your socks are fantastic! Do you by chance make gloves?