Sunday, January 17, 2010

i nearly forgot!

it was my birthday .... which more often than not, get's lost in the season. but the gifts are always memorable ... such as this year, felted soaps !

felted soaps
mom and critter found an article in some magazine at a doctor's office, and ripped the pages out. Yay them! and they used fiber from projects past to felt up some bars of bath soap.

they look like easter eggs, don't they? anyhoo ... i finally pulled a bar out of the bag last weekend, and i've been using it. it works. it takes a bit for the suds to come to the surface, but it's all good. and they're so colorful a blind girl in the shower, such as myself, can find the soap!


Rainy Daisy said...

happy birthday! Those are gorgeous. I think rather than use them, I might display them and tell people they were dinosaur eggs. rawr.

Anonymous said...

The soaps are beautiful, the story behind them is better....glad you are using them!