Saturday, January 02, 2010

not quite caught up

some people use the new year to take down all their christmas stuff. not me. i'm using it to relax and catch up.

i have crocheted some more snowflakes, but haven't yet blocked them. i thought my previous pictures were kind of ugly, so i took some new ones ...

socks shawl christmas 060

socks shawl christmas 066

christmas was the whirlwind it always is. i still have some other pictures to share, but that will be on another day.

socks shawl christmas 097

stuart had a wee christmas stocking (and all my pictures of that were out of focus). in his stocking he had a bicho. a wee felted bicho. he likes it lots. he takes it everywhere!

he's also sitting in a yarn bowl. actually, it's not a 'genuine' yarn bowl. but, it's a bowl for yarn, and santa found it from a local potter. i have been using it too. one can never have too many bowls.

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