Saturday, October 16, 2010

i may be making a quilt ....

OMG! i went by my local quilt shop today, asked some questions, and signed up for their Block of the Month club for this Roses of Rememberance quilt.

now, i've only ever made 1 quilt, ever. but, i have a few quilting books and magazines. for me, the hard part is picking out the fabrics. as a BOM, that is already done for me. i just have to do all the handiwork now. and, i've already learned about the magic of freezer paper with the applique technique. 1 block each month, beginning in january 2011.

and it's just BEAUTIFUL! i can do this. sometimes, these things are love at first sight ..... and we do what we must to have or make them. so, i will learn to applique. i will learn to 'quilt as you go'. and dammit, in about a year or so, i too will have this beautiful quilt.

i waxed and waned over this, because of the cost. each month is $25 (x 13 months). and, that doesn't even include the batting or backing fabric. but, as a knitter, it's like buying 1 skein of handpainted sock yarn each month. right?!

oh, and i still have to get the dvd. there is a book, but apparently, everything i need is also on the dvd, plus instructional video, and the ability to print out the templates.

i'm excited. and scared. but, it doesn't start 'til january, so you will be still seeing lots of sock knitting before then.


Lisa said...

Good luck. That quilt is beautiful. You will have a true masterpiece when you are finished.

Andi said...

Wow. That quilt is gorgeous! I think it will be worth the cost. You get hours of entertainment stretched out over a year and then you get a beautiful FO at the end.