Sunday, October 10, 2010


yet again, our dear Lolly is heading up Socktoberfest. and though, i'm an avid sock knitter, my first completed "sock" for the season is not a foot sock, but a beer sock. i'm sure that's okay, in the spirit of oktoberfest.

beer cozy!

i started this project back in july 2009.

the beginning

it's a free pattern download from raverly. i had leftovers from my sunnyside sockens, and decided these socks need a "mate".


that pair was finished in mexico in 2008. they were finished for "summer of socks" on raverly.

and today, i'm knitting on my gretya socks. i'm on the foot, and plan to take pictures of the finished socks, if i finished before the sun is too low.

by they way, is anyone who reads here going to SAFF ? it's in a couple of weeks, and i'm going on saturday only.

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turtlegirl76 said...

I'll probably be going that Saturday only as well. I dunno yet. LOVE the beer sock!