Tuesday, October 05, 2010



believe me, i'm surprised i already have completed one sock. and the good news is, i've also cast on the mate.

i had made a mistake in the pattern while decreasing the gusset. i ended up ripping back about 1/2 the cart, and still i finished fairly quickly. but, a finished sock also means something else (non-knitterly) is unfinished or neglected.

that reminds me, i also have to rip back on my two-toned spice man sock mate, as i wasn't paying attention when working on the foot (and i'm already on the leg).

gretya is knitted with shibui sock in colorway 'ink'. i love how it pools in a giant spiral. i used this yarn before for my sunshine socks.

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Mouse said...

Wow.. that's a gorgeous blue! I like how it is swirly yet you focus on the knit pattern rather than the colors.