Saturday, October 16, 2010

! ! ! spice man ! ! !

i LOVE these

i have finished another pair of socks. these took longer than they should had, because i had messed up on sock #2, and had to redo the gusset and heelflap. i finished them last night, and pulled them on this morning.

now, i haven't weighed the leftovers, but it seems to reason that there's enough to knit another pair like this. or matching pairs of footies or ankle socks.

for some reason, i just wanted a mismatched pair! and i love lion brand's sock-ease yarn. i had bought both balls at 40% off each. when paying so little for sock yarn, it makes it "less precious" and easier to deviate from the usual sock knitting.

the pattern is yarnissima's spice man. it's the same pattern i used for leanne's sockenmonsters. hers are knee-hi, and mine are mid-calf.

ps. many thanks for those that commented on the gretya socks. i appreciate it so much when anyone comments, and i realize not many of us even read blogs anymore. work-wise, i am in my busy season, 'til the end of the year, and possibly into the first 2-3 months of 2011. so, sometimes i forget to say thank you.


Mouse said...

Whoah.. those are funky! I love your last socks too.. must have missed your post in my reader!
I have to admit that I think its that most (knitter)people aren't reading KNITTING blogs right now.. not that blogs in general aren't popular anymore. The subscriber #'s and comments on fashion/sewing/life blogs that I read are higher than ever.

pendie said...

Those are a beautiful spicy fall color;reminds me of pumpkin pie and cinnamon tea! I appreciate you writing your blog; I read a bunch every day and always learn a lot and enjoy seeing what everyone is making.

Walden said...

Love how the colors work with the pattern!

Donna said...

Those are adorable - I'm in mismatch heaven! And I love the quilt too - good luck!