Monday, April 01, 2013

not a joke!

i got home this afternoon --- and it was a such a pretty day for a drive. i have actually (mostly) unpacked, and while putting away my socks, i frowned at my socks i had finished in january.

i got this knitpicks handpainted yarn as a christmas present.  i quickly knitted up a pair of stockinette socks. they were so pretty! i'm not sure how many times i've worn and washed them in the last few months, but they are already looking bad.



the color has faded, and the yarn has kinda felted! 

i stopped unpacking and looked up the phone number to knitpicks and called.

i got a very nice phone representative in the customer service department that said & did all the right things. she express empathy and immediately offered to right this wrong.

i have been handknitting socks since the mid 90's. my socks are either washed in a front load machine, or a top load on the wool cycle, and they they are hung to dry. i've never had a sock yarn do this in such little time.

my yarn is going to be replaced, and i will knit another pair of socks. thank you!

and for this pair? i don't know ... maybe make a stupid sock creature?


i picked up these books the other day at joann's with my 40% off coupons. the book on the right is a sequel to stupid sock creatures. since that book was published in 2005 (i think i purchased my copy the end of 2006), mom & i have made numerous creatures --- including the beloved stuart.

so, maybe this pair of socks should become something new? ... i'll keep y'all posted! ps --- i left the book at my mom's house incase she wants to make a creature, but the socks are here with me. crap. hahahahaha!


Acorn to Oak said...

That's one of the good things about Knitpicks....they stand behind their products. They replaced some yarn for me one time too and the new skein was much better. I hope your new skein works out better too. Happy knitting.

Christine said...

I'm a yarn snob/geek. Have not tried Knitpicks yarn! HAHA! But love their needles! And getting books at 40% from there.